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My Journey

Aspiring to Inspire Creativity in Digital Design

I’m a friendly, self-motivated and passionate Product Designer based in Amsterdam with over 6 years working experience.


My journey into Product Design started from the need to understand the ‘why' behind my designs. My curiosity helped me survive as a teenager; the urge to explore and seek novelty kept me vigilant and always seeking to gain knowledge about my constantly changing environment.


I identify with one symbol in particular: Dame-dame. The literal meaning of Dame-Dame is chequered or checkered as in the pattern on a chess or a draughts board. A symbol of intelligence, ingenuity, and strategy.

As a self-taught designer, I learned that having a platform to question and further ideas, harnesses greater creativity. Combining art and technology, I found a way to express myself by creating great experiences through a digital product and having empathy for people’s need.


I didn’t grow up in an environment of Technology or creativity. Heck!… I only started knowing the full capabilities of the internet and computers when I turned 19 years. But my desire for knowledge kept me going. I always aspired to live a purpose driven life, questioning the reason behind things.

Being born and raised in Ghana, a beautiful country in West-Africa, I derive inspiration from my tribe’s visual symbol collection called ADINKRA. They are visual symbols with historical and philosophical significance from the Kingdom of Asante.


“Dame-Dame” Symbol

The literal meaning of Dame-Dame is chequered or checkered as in the pattern on a chess or a draughts board.