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What I can do for you

UX Audit

I will analysing and identifying potential issues on your website/app. A UX audit is a great way to innovate and integrate new ideas into existing ones. Next to that, this can also be the starting point to gather more feedback and resources to make your product or service even more user-centric.

UX Strategy & Research

I aim to understand your business & your customer’s needs by applying quantitative and qualitative research methods. Based on this market analysis, I’ll set up a long-term product plan that achieves the most ROI.

Visual Branding

Based on the creative strategy, positioning and the outcomes of the UX Audit and Strategy & Research, we can dive into the branding of your product/service. A product or business brand is one of the most important aspects of how a user/customer feels about a product.


Interaction Design

I will begin to map out all the user roles, screens and user flow within the system - and wireframing all this in high fidelity click-through prototypes, so it can be tested (with real users) on web or mobile, to get a feel of how the end product will look like and interact.

User Interface Design (UI)

The final touch is adding the visual layer to the wireframes. Based on the brand’s visual guidelines I’ll create a timeless and user-friendly user interface. A UI must not distract a user from the content or the end goal: purchasing your product or service. 


Let’s make your product Better, Faster & Easier to Use.