“Digiteller enables banks to provide automatic customer engagement, financial literacy and support via SMS and other messaging apps.”

Gain A First-Mover Advantage
With A Conversational AI Platform that’s Actually Intelligent.


Project: Digiteller AI Platform
Team: ViceLive Studios
Methods: Market research, User Interviews & Scrum
Tools: Moodboard, User Flows, Personas & FCPX
Role: UX Researcher, Product Supervisor & Video Editor

Saving money, being cautious on spending, keeping a close watch on your earning to spending ratio – these are all steps that we take to make the most of our bank accounts, so we don’t run out at the end of the month. According to our research, some banks were not engaging enough to attract millennials.


User Research


Our focus was on the African continent. Based on this, we performed both an in depth analysis and user interviews. We found out that 60% of millennials change their banks almost every 6 months because they do not receive good customer service remotely.

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A Personal Banker for All
Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Questions Answered — ask Digiteller “What was my spend on food and dining in the last 4 months?”

Single Access Point — Digiteller connects to all your bank accounts to provide a holistic view of your personal finances.

Proactive Notifications — Digiteller informs you that something is unusual or noteworthy, e.g: “Eugene, your investment has matured.”


Giving millennials the
Digital convenience they expect.


Via Messaging
Digi Teller can help your financial institution provide both customer service and education on all of the major messaging platforms.


Multi-Language Support
Existing (or potential) customers can now receive support in many language instantly.


Bank Level Security
In banking, compliance and security are mission-critical. We deliver authentication and authorization mechanisms, +backend encryption.



A Conversational AI Platform That’s Actually Intelligent.
When you put an open mic or an empty text box in front of your customers, you need a platform that can handle all of the idiosyncratic ways we humans communicate.


There’s a Lot of Hype Around Artificial Intelligence.

Everyone says they do AI, even when they’re just using rule-based systems. Before you believe their claims, do some digging. Take a look at what sets Digiteller apart from the pack.

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Conversational AI is Changing the Relationship Between Companies & Their Customers.

DigiTeller was created as an industry-agnostic Conversational AI platform that lets companies create virtual assistants and bots that deliver personalized, delightful and intelligent experiences across multiple channels. We start off with the fintech industry, but it grew to a broader scope.

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The Story So Far…

Digi Wallet by Digi Teller is Africa’s first paperless, signatureless & branchless bank.
— gharage.com