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Most people find it difficult to make donations to charities, because there is skepticism about donating to the right cause and what impact the donation is actually making.

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Project: WERO “We Are One”
Methods: User Interviews, Moscow matrix, Paper prototyping, Person development, Affinity mapping, User testing & Agile Process
Tools: Sketch, Affinity Designer & Principle
Role: UX Designer, Visual Designer & Interaction Designer

Millennials find it difficult to give to charities, because there are many barriers that prevent them from making regular charitable contributions. This includes Searching for trustworthy organizations and having too many choices & limited knowledge about the organizations.


User Research

Across the globe, millennials want to give to charities, but they would want to see a tangible impact and for their donation to be used effectively. They often question the credibility of NGOs before donating. Social influence is critical to erase people's doubt and for them to be able to identify causes that are close to their hearts.

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User Interview Insights

Giving is sparked by Social pressure — or seeing something that gives one an emotional impulse to help

There’s a level of Skepticism — users tend to trust smaller groups/charities

Need for Transparency — of money flow, Stats & metrics.

Visual representation — users want to track what their money buys. Status updates of what’s going on are highly desired

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Our Personas

In order to bring data into life, I developed personas to represent my users and ground future design decisions. I designed for our primary persona and accommodated the secondary.

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Problem Statement

To clarify my design focus I identified my Persona’s needs in order to define the Problem Statement.


Techy Taylor’s Donation Journey


What Are The Goals?



I decided to sketch some low-fidelity wireframes to validate at the early stage my ideas and concepts. I wanted to represent a quick and easy way to get feedback on the concept and prevent my users from getting distracted by details.



I collaboratively created a moodboard with stakeholders, we had open conversations that helped me understand why they gravitate towards certain designs, solutions, colors, typography and more. ORANGE was the color scheme we decided to go with.

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What is WERO?

We help you make donations to causes that you really care about by matching you to a charity that fits your values. Since our charities are vetted based on how much the money affects that cause, we help you have the most impact.

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Making It Easier To Donate to Causes You’re Passionate About!

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Track Your Donations & Set Recurring Giving.


Next Steps


The Future Of Weros

Individual sign up to create Humanitarian Causes — Become a Wero partner by joining our platform to put your charity out there.

Get more personal with your giving experience and share your causes and donations with the world.